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Common Gardening Questions
When is it safe to plant?

Typically it is safe on or around mid May.


How deep can I plant my tomatoes?

Pinch off the lower leave sets and plant the tomato leaving about an inch out of the ground. All the fine hairs on the stem will become roots and feed your tomato as it grows


How often should I fertilize my baskets and containers?

When they left our greenhouse we added some extra fertilizer to your items, as the summer season progresses it is good to supplement thier needs with a water soluable fertilizer. We use Jacks professional and offer several blends for you to choose from as well. It is easy to use and should be applied at minimum every 7 to 10 days.

How can I protect my cabbage from loopers without pesticides?

I like to use a lightweight interfacing from the fabric store. I find the sheerest kind, cut it to fit the finished size of the head. Cut it in a large circle then drape it over the head and binder it at the base loosely. I watch it ensure the cover expands with the head but it will keep the loopers from laying eggs on the cabbage directly.



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